Here is Mona's E-Mail to you

Dear Children,
A collection of some pictures in Hurghada. It is in a tourism village I was in the last year.

02_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is a garden inside the village.

01_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is the road between the different parts of the village. This is the way from the sleeping building to the beach and you can see some buildings we call Shalih in Egyptian.

04_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is me looking from some Bar on the beach. Of cause you know I don't drink but this is just for the picture.

03_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is the Restaurant in the village.It presents good Egyptian food.

05_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is me and my friends in a boat I don't know what you call in English but in Arabic we call it Badal.

06_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is a view for the Red Sea you can see the beauty of the water, "waaaaw" you cannot get enough of it, I like swimming

This is the collection of Luxor and Aswan images. This trip is from a long time ago, about 3 years so I donít remember the details of the pictures very well.

09_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is a picture of Karnak temple Luxor

Also picture of some stones in the Karnak, Luxor

16_s.jpg (12671 bytes) The Big statue in the entrance of the Karnak Temple - Luxor

18_s.jpg (12671 bytes)The entrance of the Temple
23_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is my friend and me in the front of Holy lake in Arabic,Elbohira elmokadasa, Karnak Temple, Luxor. Note I am on right.

21_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is the Agha Khan cemetery in Aswan, Agha Khan Palace - Aswan.

15_s.jpg (12671 bytes) Agha Khan Palace - Aswan

20_s.jpg (12671 bytes) Part of the Nile in Aswan.

13_s.jpg (12671 bytes) Phiala Temple - Aswan

12_s.jpg (12671 bytes) High Dam- Aswan

11_s.jpg (12671 bytes) This is the pool in the Sonista Hotel in Taba - Sinai

17_s.jpg (12671 bytes) A sunset in Alexandria beach.

I hope you like Egypt,
As-salamu alaikum,(Peace be with you,in Arabic)
Mona Gharabawy

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