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"WARNING: For those doing their own searches for Ancient Egypt sites on the Web, be aware that some of the sites you find may represent the views of people whose interests in Ancient Egypt stem from their own religious beliefs; some people today do worship the Egyptian gods, and many do so according to their own interpretations of Egyptian mythology (which often, for instance, incorporate Wiccan beliefs into their overall system). Other people have certain ideas concerning Ancient Egyptians and such things as aliens, magical healing powers of pyramids, etc. While it is certainly fine for people of all beliefs to express them freely on the Internet, it is best for those pursuing knowledge of Ancient Egypt from a historical perspective, or teaching about Ancient Egypt, to concentrate on sites that do not espouse such modern interpretations"

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Some authors have given kind permission to use their copyright photos on our pages, and we link as appropriate,with much appreciation of their cooperation in this educational venture.
Others have so far not replied to our enquiries.

"The Pharaoh's Challenge"
A QUIZ on Ancient Egypt for Year 4+(UK) children, with other nice links to photos and information


"The first Egyptology site on the web".

Nigel Strudwick's excellent site,we have his photos on our

"Where can you find Egyptian art?"


plenty of resources here,well worth a visit.


- Zahi Hawass Top Eygptian Archeologist shows you his sites

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